Terms & Policies

We put together all of the fine print and legal stuff in one convenient place. We tried to write it in simple English (so that we can also understand it). If You have any questions, please contact us at info@nwise.se or visit www.nwise.se

nWise Terms of Use

nWise products is offered to You under a license, so You can use nWise Services on Your mobile device, PC, Mac and/or tablet as long as You follow the terms of the license. Our End User License Agreement sets out the scope of the license we give You to use and enjoy nWise Services.

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nWise Privacy Policy

nWise’s Privacy Policy sets out how we receive, collect and use information on our website, on the myMMX software (the myMMX apps), and on other products we provide. This way, You can see what information we collect and for which purposes.

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nWise Cookie Policy

The following tracking technologies policy will help You understand what tools are used by us and by our advertising partners and vendors, to collect information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, and how You can control them.

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Communication for All

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