Enhancing Emergency Accessibility in Europe Through RTT and Total Conversation

In a presentation at an EENA Workshop in Brussels earlier this fall, Thor Nielsen, from nWise, explained the complexities of enhancing accessibility in Emergency Services across Europe. Through a detailed assessment as seen in this video, we show valuable insights into the challenges, solutions, and prospects associated with access to Emergency Services.

Thor addresses the vital issue of roaming across national borders when making emergency calls, underlining its importance for widespread accessibility. He further describes in a comprehensive way the challenges faced and the promising solutions at hand. With the EU’s mandatory directives (EECC 2018/1972 and EAA 2019/882) requiring Real-Time Text (RTT) and Total Conversation, a more inclusive and efficient emergency response system seems well within reach. 

Watch the video below of the same presentation as done in Brussels. Click here to read more about our RTT Bridge, our solution for accessible Emergency Servies with RTT.

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