DeafBlind Accessibility Communication App

  • Video Communication for People Who Are DeafBlind or Have Low-Vision

    The new myMMX DB app is revolutionizing the market for DeafBlind communication tools. It is the only available product today where the user can read Real-Time Text (RTT) on their braille reader. At their own pace.

    The design, development and testing has been done in a close collaboration with the DeafBlind community. This to ensure the reliability of all the usability features of the app. We value the opportunity to learn from these collaborations. It gave us the possibility to create the best product in the market for a underserved population.

    With the myMMX DB app, DeafBlind and Low-Vision individuals can both make and receive calls in three different ways:

    • Voice call
    • Point-to-point call with other VRS providers
    • RTT calls

    The myMMX DB app is available for Windows and iOS.

    Woman sitting in front of a computer, reading on a braille display.

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