Our focus- Communication for all

  • With the MMX® platform as a foundation, we can offer a variety of communication solutions for you. From a simpler call-center setup, text telephony and videophone apps, to more advanced solutions for critical emergency calls for people with deafness, hearing loss or deaf-blindness.

    MMX® gives you a highly flexible platform for being able to provide efficient interpreting and public services in an accessible way. It also provides the tools needed by the person who will be using the services. Apps and softphones are a perfect fit when it comes to providing modern, customized tools to people with different types of functional impairments. Our apps and phones have many settings and can easily be adapted to suit your particular needs. 

    • The MMX® Platform has been used to deliver Video and IP-Relay services in Europe since 2002
    • MMX® is a global solution with market-specific adaptations
    • A total communication platform that handles video, real-time text and audio calls simultaneously
    • Accessibility is the focus of our communication platforms
    • Complete supplier of video- and text telephony, MMX® endpoints, adapted for elderly, people who has deafness, are hard of hearing or deaf-blind.
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  • myMMX [db] is not only bringing to the next generation a new level of technology in the conventional VRS concept. It is also going to help reunite the Deaf and DeafBlind communities that have long suffered a severe technological gap.  (e.g. 90% of my friends are Deaf, and I have not been able to call them in years.) myMMX [db] is more than just a cool piece of technology. It is the genesis of a social revolution.

    • Bryen M Yunashko

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