Our focus- Communication for all

  • With the MMX® platform as a foundation, we can offer a variety of communication solutions for you. From a simpler call-center setup, text telephony and videophone apps, to more advanced solutions for critical emergency calls for people with deafness, hearing loss or deaf-blindness.

    nWise mission is to enable communication for all. We do this by delivering IT-solutions for including communication. The type if solutions that we daily see make a significant improvement for people and society.

    • We have 10 years of experience with complex communication services
    • MMX® is a global solution with market-specific adaptations
    • A total communication platform that handles video, real-time text and audio calls simultaneously
    • Accessibility is the focus of our communication platforms
    • Complete supplier of video- and text telephony, MMX® endpoints, adapted for elderly, people who has deafness, are hard of hearing or deaf-blind.
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  • myMMX [db] is not only bringing to the next generation a new level of technology in the conventional VRS concept. It is also going to help reunite the Deaf and DeafBlind communities that have long suffered a severe technological gap.  (e.g. 90% of my friends are Deaf, and I have not been able to call them in years.) myMMX [db] is more than just a cool piece of technology. It is the genesis of a social revolution.

    • Bryen M Yunashko

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