nWise takes the stage at the 2017 MVTe-Fair

nWise’s Jennie Gehlin held a presentation about Accessibility and Participation in Practice at the MVTe-fair at Kistamässan, Stockholm.

On January 24th it was time for the MVTe-fair and conference at Kistamässan, Stockholm. Many of the leading developers within e-health and welfare technology were on stage to inspire and showcase new ways of working and show good examples for of welfare technology. It was also an opportunity for the municipalities of Sweden to get together for networking, meet suppliers and to share experiences.

The goal of the MVTe-fair is to give energy and knowledge to continue or begin the municipalities work with implementing welfare technology and e-health. This years theme was the individual – for increased independence, participation, safety and activity.

Secretary of State Madeleine Harby Samuelsson opened the conference and was followed by many interesting speakers, bringing up subjects such as welfare technology and human rights as well as how to bring people with disabilities together using digital tools.

One of the highlights of the fair was nWise’s own Jennie Gehlin, head of Products and Marketing, who was invited to speak about Accessibility and Participation in Practice. It was a much appreciated presentation, and MVTe wrote on their website that they were proud to have innovative and helping companies such as nWise there to speak.

It was two highly interesting days at the MVTe-fair, with a great many intriguing meetings both with different companies and municipality representatives from all around Sweden.

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