Magnus Almén becomes new CEO of nWise

A unanimous board is pleased to announce that Magnus Almén will be appointed as new CEO of nWise on November 5. Magnus succeeds Niklas Cassel, the previous CEO who held the position since the launch of the company in 2008. With his extensive experience and qualifications, Niklas Cassel will remain in the concern in an advisory role and retain his seat on the company board.

”I am thrilled to welcome Magnus to nWise as the new CEO. nWise is currently in a highly exciting phase, which feels like the right time to pass the torch to a new, dynamic CEO. Magnus has the extensive international qualifications needed to further nWise’s global expansion and growth. He also has a highly relevant background in business and technology which makes for an excellent fit with nWise,” says Niklas Cassel, former CEO of nWise. Most recently, Magnus was the Swedish trade secretary for Iran, which saw him help several Swedish companies establish themselves on the Iranian market.

”I am very excited to have been entrusted with leading a company like nWise, which is able to affect the world positively by enabling people’s right to communicate. nWise’s board and owners have just the right background that, when paired with the employee’s skills, is required for the organization to grow. I am looking forward to embarking on an exciting journey with a group of highly motivated people!” says Magnus Almèn, CEO of nWise.