KPN Teletolk Continues to Bridge the Communication Gap for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities

In an exciting development, KPN Teletolk, in collaboration with Berengroep and nWise, is set to continue making telecommunication accessible for individuals who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the Netherlands. This critical service facilitates calls between people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and the hearing society, empowering these communities to independently manage tasks such as scheduling medical appointments, ordering food, or making inquiries at stores – all through sign language and Real-Time Text (RTT).

Over the past ten years, nWise technology has been the core technology used by KPN Teletolk, evolving from text-based services to including video-based services. As KPN Teletolk enters its 11th year of operation, it remains steadfast in its commitment to break communication barriers and fostering inclusion of the Deaf and Hard of hearing communities. This partnership between KPN Teletolk, Berengroep and nWise ensures that individuals with hearing and speech loss will continue to navigate the world independently, one call at a time.

To read the full statement from KPN Teletolk click here.