Improved accessibility with the new MMX® 7

MMX 7 is seeing the lights this winter. Among the new features, it includes the much anticipated HD-quality for video calls, a more user friendly statistic interface, improved functionality for call back feature, new web text application with real-time text (RTT) for deaf and hard-of-hearing, and much more. It’s the latest development from nWise that will support your organisation to become even more accessible.

MMX Web Text is a new key feature, through which all consumers can get access to accessible telephone services on any device since it can be used on most browsers available. This makes MMX truly available for all devises.

Furthermore, we have also improved the call back function, to improve the quality experience for callers. The option for call back is activated depending on available interpreters or agents, and the queue position. This makes the busiest times of the service a better experience for the users, when they don’t have to wait lookng at the computer or smartphone screen.

Another new highlight in MMX 7 is the new MMX media foundation, which is our new baseline for media in MMX. This includes HD-quality in video calls and queue messages to mention some advantages.

myService has been given a makeover and requires less resources and updates better than the previous version. It also has a responsive web design, making it more suitable for the different size of the devises that it’s being monitored on. For nWise, it’s important to improve the accessibility continuously, even for these kind of services.

For more information, please contact us at nWise.