• We have the technological solution to help deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind communities to call Emergency Services

    10 Februari 2020
  • MMX is a complete solution comprised of services which can be developed individually or as a full-featured, comprehensive product suite. The products are modular, so can be used as a whole, or can be integrated by component into existing infrastructure and combined existing services. This overview provides an introduction to the product groups and more information about each individual component.

    nWise Ecosystem includes access to different services, user groups and the connection of assistive devices to enable individuals to make telephone calls.

    Based on NG911 standards

    MMX is designed to handle a variety of public telecommunication services; such as, SMS, Video Relay Services (VRS), Video Remote Interpretation (VRI), Text Relay (TTY and IP-based), and accessible Emergency Services for the deaf, hard-of-hearing and deafblind, based on NG911/NG112 standards and requirements.

    nWise MMX platform is designed to integrate to NG911 or to attach to existing infrastructure. The platform can be set up as a system, with no queue and work station integration, or integrated with the main call center platform.

    Benefits and Features with MMX

    • Accessibility
    • 15 years of experience with RTT
    • Integration to external Services, such as remote interpretation
    • Integrated Services
    • Scalable and flexible architecture
    • High availability and Security

    Compliant with Regulatory Requirements

    The nWise MMX platform meets and exceeds the requirements for Real-Time Text (RTT) set by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), European Telecom Standards Institute (ETSI), and EU Directive on Accessibility Requirements for Products and Services (EU 2019/882). This additional functionality enables deaf, hard-of-hearing, deafblind and non-English speaking populations to obtain access to services through streamlined communication, meeting their needs more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

    nWise is Communiaction for All

    Our focus is Communication for All. nWise is dedicated to the premise that communication for underserved populations are a necessity, not a luxury. Providing comprehensive, reliable and easy to use technology solutions that ensure that the deaf, hearing impaired, and deafblind communities have access to critical services at critical times is our mission.

    Let us help you in making Emergency Services more accessible.

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