Video Remote Interpreting

  • Recent years introduced internet-based innovations, such as Video Relay Service (VRS), an enhanced form of communication which allows users to interact directly with the relay operator via a video connection. The advances of VRS has led to better use of Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) as a way to effectively bring the interpreter to individual who needs interpretation assistance remotely, without regard for geographical location. This has allowed more interpreters to work without having to drive several hours and has allowed different communities, such as the Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers, to have access to immediate communication they did not have before.  


    Despite these advances, Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals are still at a disadvantage when it comes to communication services. Hospital administrators continue to use paper and pen, Employers are unwilling to use technology for meetings, and some government services still are inaccessible 


    nWise along with its applications and Total Communictions Platform increases the communication and efficiency so that individuals can have access to interpreters remotely, making public services and society far more accessible.  




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    • Efficient interpretation

    • MMX® is scalable, meaning that hundreds of interpreters can be connected to the same system and offered the same specially-designed tools for video interpreting, or interpreting combining both telephone and video. MMX® features full contact center functionality, with numerous features especially tailored to the needs of remote video interpreting. The solution can also be deployed as a cloud service.

    • Used since the early 2000

    • We have delivered large national platforms for sign language- and text interpretation services globally for a decade. nWise has great experience dealing with complex solutions.

  • myMMX [db] is not only bringing to the next generation a new level of technology in the conventional VRS concept. It is also going to help reunite the Deaf and DeafBlind communities that have long suffered a severe technological gap.  (e.g. 90% of my friends are Deaf, and I have not been able to call them in years.) myMMX [db] is more than just a cool piece of technology. It is the genesis of a social revolution.

    • Bryen M Yunashko

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