Total Conversation Apps

  • MMX® endpoints Total Conversation (TC) apps are the most popular communication products in Europe for people with impaired hearing and those who are deaf or deafblind. Our products are WAI and VCAG certified and are designed to be as user friendly as possible. This to also be used by people without a great deal of computer experience. The apps can be downloaded through Appstore or google play.

    We offer three different solutions. MMX® endpoints are available for your computer, your browser, smartphone and tablet. They can be used simultaneously. Perhaps you use your tablet at home, your PC at work and a smartphone when you are out on the move.

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    • myMMX® db

    • For you that want to make your own calls and has deaf blindness, or a combination of hard of hearing and vision loss. You can use real-time text, braille display and sign language for your call. You can also connect your computer with
      screen magnification and screen readers. myMMX® db has a high adaptability in order to fill the individual need that you as a user has.

    • myMMX® tc

    • A total conversation for user who want the full MMX® endpoints experience. You can use video, real-time text and audio simultaneously.

    • myMMX® text

    • This is for you that wants to use real-time text in your calls, and audio as extra support.