Remote Video Care

  • Almost half of the health care related costs goes to approximately 3-4% of the patients. About 85% of the total health care costs goes to people that are chronically ill. This is an enormous amount of costs for a very small group of patients. A patient group that is increasing, since there is a correlation between chronic diseases and old age. In 2040, the group of 80 year olds and older will be about 640 000 individuals in Sweden. That means that fewer workers will support more people outside the labor force and could lead to problems on how to finance the Swedish welfare system.

    The core of MMX® as your solution to remote care is total conversation between the the care givers and care takers, which means that you can see, hear and write to each other in real time.

    Online-health helps to ensure good distance care, saves time by excluding unnecessary travels for both patients and caregivers. This makes it possible for more individuals to get equal care. This is done, for instance, by complementing visits to the doctor with video for distance consultation.




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    • Together we can solve the challenge

    • No one can alone solve the complex care challenge. That's why we focus on our niche together with other actors, so we can provide the technical solution that is required.
      MMX® is a unique solution for both large scale and small-scale providers. Today it's being used as a national platform in 13 countries all over the world.

    • The Provider

    • With our communication platform, we can make health care even more accessible, efficient and attractive. MMX Care® can help you to make sure that the care that is needed is being utilized at the right place at the right time; resource allocation.
      Focusing on preventive and early stage health care can reduce the high pressure on emergency rooms and specialist clinics.

    • The Patient

    • To feel safe, the patient need to feel seen and heard. They also need to have the option to be alone when needed. It's easier for them to ignore a phone call than someone at the door.
      Advantaged with MMX Care®, according to patients that have used it, are that it is better than a regular phone call, and equal to a personal meeting. They feel more empowered and included in their own care, they saw a better result of the treatments and rehab, and also it was easy on the wallet.

    • Family Members

    • Family members should not be forgotten in the ecosystem of health care. They are the pillars that make the entire care apparatus to work. Their work may be invisible, but they are a support system that is unmeasurable. If it wasn't for them, who would go to the pharmacy, the grocery store och give them a ride to the hospital?
      The relatives need to save time, strength and energy. They can live far away and can have a full-time job to also consider. MMX Care® gives the relatives the possibility to support from a distance, to earn more time to give qualitative support when they are near.

  • myMMX [db] is not only bringing to the next generation a new level of technology in the conventional VRS concept. It is also going to help reunite the Deaf and DeafBlind communities that have long suffered a severe technological gap.  (e.g. 90% of my friends are Deaf, and I have not been able to call them in years.) myMMX [db] is more than just a cool piece of technology. It is the genesis of a social revolution.

    • Bryen M Yunashko

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