Telecom Relay Service

  • Everyone has the right to communicate and it’s a fundamental human right. With this said, everyone should have the same opportunity to make an emergency call when needed. Still, many people that are deaf or hard of hearing does not have access, or limited access to this type of services.

    MMX® is a total communication platform that is specially developed for relay services through telecommunication. With total communication we mean that video, real time text and voice are simultaneously used within the same service.




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    • The platform for relay services

    • MMX® is the most-widely used platform for communication and interpreting services between hearing and deaf people, people with impaired hearing and the deaf blind. MMX® has been designed to handle Total Conversation for communication and interpreting services, down to the last detail. It is the only system that is simultaneously able to handle video communication, real-time text and Captioned Telephone.

    • The interpreter at center stage

    • MMX® has been developed specifically for interpreters and contains all the features needed for mediation and interpreting services. MMX® puts the interpreter center stage and is able to handle hundreds of workplaces in a single system.

    • Several areas of application

    • nWise has extensive expertise in rolling out relay services in many different countries. We are one of the world leading experts in the communication field for people with disabilities such as deafness, hard of hearing, deaf blindness and elder in need of particular care.

    • Features within MMX®

    • With MMX® you'll get access to many features such as:

      • A total conversation platform for video, voice calls and real time text (RTT).
      • User friendly, adaptable apps for the end-user that easily can be downloaded on multiple devices or a web browser.
      • Tools to see, for example, correct call statistics for making cost and staffing plans.
      • High security and robustness for 24/7 services.

Telecom Relay Service