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  • nWise mission is “to enable communication for all“. Our vision is to give everyone access to the tools and services needed for them to be accessible on their own terms and make society, healthcare and the external world available for all.

    nWise AB is a Swedish company that was founded in 2008.  We are world leading in technology for relay services with MMX®, where they are the platform distributors to many of the national video and text relay services in Europe, and active in Asia and North America. We provide our customers as a complete deliverer of video- and text telephony, adapted for people that are older, deaf, hard of hearing and/or deafblind.

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PORT - our values

  • These values define our core, how we act internally to each other and externally to our customers:

    Pioneers – We break new grounds by new thinking and creating new solutions.

    Open – We believe in an open communication and an open mind.

    Reliable – We are there for our customers and build our relationships long-term.

    Team focused – Individual heroes should be prized, but we know that we do our best work together and close to our customers.

  • myMMX [db] is not only bringing to the next generation a new level of technology in the conventional VRS concept. It is also going to help reunite the Deaf and DeafBlind communities that have long suffered a severe technological gap.  (e.g. 90% of my friends are Deaf, and I have not been able to call them in years.) myMMX [db] is more than just a cool piece of technology. It is the genesis of a social revolution.

    • Bryen M Yunashko

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