Since the end of 2015, nWise is following the work performed by the DWA. Our first contact was at the end of 2015, when we made a contribution including two computers in order to facilitate their work. Our goal was to pay for their internet connect, but we soon realized that obtaning an internet connection was not that simple for the DWA, and also that they needed funds to finance their work.

Soon what was a single event became a more lasting colaboration. Through our collaboration with the organisation MyRight office, we followed up contact with the DWA throug the year. Instead of financing their internet connection, funds were used to facilitate the transportation of members of the association to their central office, so that planing and long-term activities could be carried out.

nWise will continue to contribute to the DWA, and during 2017 the following key activities will be performed with funds from us: Bi-monthly executive meetings by the central committee, awareness sessions for three local associations, commemoration of the International Women’s Day, awareness workshops on various deseases for deaf women. Part of the funds will also cover bookkeeping and payment for sign language intrepreters.

We are proud that our funds are used so well! The executive committee send us a special note saying the following: We are pleased to mention that the support given by nWISE was immensely beneficial to our organisation.  The presence of the key persons every month in the office paved the way to achieve all the above mentioned progress.  The support of nWISE was a great strength to the Deaf Women Association.  We would like to make a special note to thank you for the persons who involved with this vital contribution to make the voice of the Sri Lanka deaf women heard a little by the hearing society.“


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