Lowering the workload of the specialist care and a better quality of life for the patients. That is the result of the COPD project. A project that takes a holistic approach on technology, processes and business models. The project has also led to a new profession: healthcare provider. The first phase, involving ten COPD patients at the Karolinska University Hospital, is now completed. The second phase started this September and includes 100 patients from several Swedish counties.

The collaboration project “Vård i hemmet- en generaliserbar lösning utifrån vård av KOL-patienter”, also known as the COPD-project, has successfully proven the possibilities of caring for chronically ill COPD-patients at their home. Doing so, their quality of life improved and the workload on the healthcare was reduced. The project have a holistic approach that includes technology, processes and business models in order to create a sustainable concept.

A new profession have been created from this project, a healthcare provider. He or she will have daily contact with the patient, monitoring the data collected from the sensors and contact the responsible doctor about the treatment in case of abnormalities. The healthcare provider function will be staffed by nurses.

MMX® video technology

Video technology will be used for the daily contact between the healthcare provider and the patient. This gives a better appreciation of the patients’ wellbeing and gives a sense of security to the patients when they can see their caregiver. The MMX® platform is being used by the patient, the healthcare provider, the doctor and to some also relatives. The last group will be using regular telephones.

The healthcare provider can connect all parties in a videoconference to establish a healthcare plan or to discuss the medical needs of the patient. The patient use different sensors for health and care, where the data is collected and analysed by a healthcare provider. As a complementary tool, the patient respond daily to a questionnaire on their tablet that is automatically sent to the healthcare provider.

During the first phase of the COPD project and till this September, the needed equipment was delivered to ten COPD patients at the Karolinska University Hospital. Since then, and the following 12 months, another 100 patients from SÖS, Angered, Motala and Umeå will have the opportunity to take part of the technology of healthcare in the comfort of their own home.

Partners in the COPD project

Besides nWise, the following clinics, caregivers and companies are involved with the COPD project: SICS Swedish ICT, Acreo Swedish ICT, Alkit Communications AB, Alleato AB, Angereds närsjukhus, Inera AB, Innovation Skåne, Intel Sweden AB, Inteno AB, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, Karolinska Universitetssjuhuset Lungkliniken i Solna/Huddinge, Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset Innovationsplatsen, Norrlands Universitetssjukhus Lungkliniken, Lytics AB, MedHelp AB, Motala Lasarett, OP5 AB, Riksförbundet HjärtLung, Sony Mobile AB, Södersjukhuset Lungklinik and TeliaSonera AB. The central partners are MedHelp, Telia Sonera and nWise.