re-launched their service on the 1st of July this year with their new world leading technology developed by nWise. interpret calls between people that are hearing and people that are hard of hearing or deaf. The service is available 24/7 and the new technology makes it possible to make calls straight from your browser, Skype and, and through the apps on tablets and smartphones. During the peak hours more than 15 interpreters can be working at the same time and the estimated call minutes for the service are 100 000 a month. is procured by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) and the present vendor is Evantia Group.

Recently, nWise has been working on delivering Europe’s largest video relay service for, which re-launched on the 1st of July 2016. It is procured by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) and the present vendor is Evantia Group. This service provides sign language interpreters that interpret calls between people that are hearing and people that are deaf or hard of hearing.  In other words, interpretation with a videophone that the one using sign language has and a regular telephone that the hearing party use. can also be used for long-distant interpretation, if you’re in need of a sign language interpreter but has not booked anyone to come in person. The service has more than 15 interpreters logged in during the most active hours and gets approximately 100 000 call minutes per month. 

nWise has been developed technology for video communication since the company was founded in 2008, when they bought out the MMX® platform from Ericsson AB.

-We have many years of knowledge and experience from both developing and supporting platforms to relay services, says Niklas Cassel, CEO of nWise. In addition to Sweden, we are also business in Great Britain, Brazil, Germany, Thailand, the Netherlands och the United States, to mention some. use the latest version of MMX® and in the near future MMX® 7 will be available for all nWise customers in the 13 countries that we are active in.

The service is open every day, at all hours. They are powered by the world’s most advances technology that support HD-quality, calls directly from the browser, calls from Skype and the available iOS and Android apps, and also the possibility to get a call-back from the interpreter when there is a queue, without losing your waiting place.

Other advanced features that nWise developed for with MMX® is that videomail (instead of voicemail) can be left to customer service after office hours. The MMX® platform also offers the ability to connect calls to 1177 vårdguiden (health assistance) and emergency calls. These calls are prioritised in the queue, so that people in need can quickly get help. Third party delivers of the so called total conversation apps (that include video, text and speech) can also call

nWise has also developed the new apps for that easily can be downloaded through App-store and Google Play for iOS and Android, and the web-applet that can be used directly in your browser. These apps are video-based and specially developed by nWise to be used with the relay service Also, it gives a small indication of what myMMX® can offer in future upgrades with MMX® 7.