Patients are happier and get more time with staff at Riddarens Health Center in Stockholm. The reason is the center’s innovative use of digital tools that allows more time on patients and less time on administrative work.

The new health center Riddarens Health Center in Stockholm has both expanded and been praised for their way of pushing boundaries since opening last year. Their use of new digital tools have helped the staff to spend less time on administrative tasks and makes for more time to spend with patients.

Doctor’s at Riddarens health center spend 20 to 30 minutes with each patient, compared to many other centers in Stockholm that have short visits.  According to owner Dr. Hammad Al-Saaid this is very beneficial as longer visits helps to educate the patient and further explain their prognosis. The patient also tend to feel more cared for and happier with the visit that way. Accessibility has also played an important part, the center is open every day of the year with generous opening hours.

We have based it on our customer's requirements and we’re adapting our approach to both creating a relief of work and also meet the needs of patients. When a patient leaves Riddaren, they know that our staff had them in focus and listened. Our patients are very much with and affect their care, this we believe is critical to our development since its inception”, says Al-Saaid in an interview.

Patients are able to use an application to communicate from home and get consultation from their doctor through video.  The application is called Hylios Care, and it also allows the patient to track their health and see directly if there are any changes.

The staff also have tools to send pictures of e.g. skin changes directly to experts and get opinions from them quickly.

The project has caught attention from many around the country. One of them is SALAR, Swedens Association of Local Authorities and Regions, that wants Sweden to be world leading within e-health by 2025 with Riddaren as example and by using Hylios Care.

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