The mission of nWise is that “everyone should always be able to communicate” and the vision is to give all people access to the tools and services needed to give them accessibility on their own terms. To make the community, health care and the globe accessible for all. 

nWise AB was founded in 2008 and has its main office in Uppsala, Sweden. MMX® was originally based from a development project within the Ericsson Group. nWise overtook all rights to the platform during its founding. Since then, nWise has further developed MMX® to be the leading cloud based platform for communication service providers in the elder, deaf and hard of hearing market. 

nWise are world leading in technology for relayservices. The majority of the distributers of text and video relay in Europe, Asia, North and South America are basing their services on MMX®. nWise is also a total solution provider of video and text telephony, myMMX®, adapted for elder and people that are deaf or hard of hearing.